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Fire Warden Training Course

Fire wardens in the workplace play a crucial role in any fire emergency management plan and are responsible for carrying out a wide range of duties to ensure the safety of staff and clients. Equip your team with up-to-date knowledge and skills with a comprehensive fire warden training course by Fire Training Professionals. We are specialists in fire safety in Australia and we provide medium to large-sized businesses with the training required to save lives in a fire emergency.

Our fire warden course is available online for anyone in Australia to complete at their own pace or on-site in Brisbane and the Gold Coast over a 2hr period. We’re able to tailor the course to your unique requirements and offer larger businesses a package deal that accurately reflects their needs. Get started today by enrolling or calling Jim for more information.

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Learn Fire Warden Training Online

Our online fire warden course is available to any business or employee working from home in Australia and meets both Australian Standards and QLD legislation requirements for fire safety in the workplace. Staff are able to complete the fire warden course online at a time that suits them. This is a convenient option for those who prefer to work at their own pace and also keeps all information and records stored in one place for future reference.

Face-to-Face Courses in Fire and Safety

We also offer the fire warden course on-site with face-to-face training conducted at your place of business in either Brisbane or the Gold Coast. Physical courses are completed in just 2 hours and can be followed with recommendations on further actions that can be taken to protect your workplace and staff in a fire emergency, such as fire extinguisher testing and evacuation posters.

Why Trust Fire Training Professionals? 


  •   Fully qualified and experienced ex-firefighter instructor
  •   Up-to-date certification to the latest in fire safety standards
  •   Flexible online courses or on-site training



  •    Interactive and easy-to-follow with practical scenarios and theory
  •    Study the online course from anywhere in Australia
  •    Courses and package deals tailored to your business needs

Some of Our Valued Fire Training Clients

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What Will You Learn?

Your staff will learn everything they need to know to qualify themselves as a fire warden or Emergency Evacuation Coordinator in your workplace. Our training will ensure you stay compliant with all up-to-date fire safety procedures. You will learn essential skills and information, including:

Legal standings

Evacuation procedures and fire warden responsibilities

Different types of emergencies, from fire to bomb threats

How to raise alarms and contact emergency services

How to correctly use fire extinguishers and fire safety equipment


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Prepare your staff in the event of a fire emergency by giving them the latest training they need to stay informed and compliant. Enrol in our fire warden training course and learn online or train on-site at your workplace in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. Give Jim a call today for more information or sign up and get started now.